Graduation Ceremonies

It was widely reported last week that the Supreme Court had let stand an Appellate Court decision that held that a public high school would be violating the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment if it held its graduation ceremonies in a church. Not surprisingly, Justice Antonin Scalia voted (with the minority) to hear the case. Justice Scalia said that he knew that some people might be offended by the religious symbols in the church. “I can understand that attitude: It parallels my own toward the playing in public of rock music or Stravinsky”. Really? Does the Constitution prohibit the establishment of the Rolling Stones? Did Thomas Jefferson speak about the importance of building a wall of separation between the Firebird Suite and State? Scalia consistently tells the world how important religion is (especially his own), but when it comes to preventing religion from being forced down people’s throats, all of a sudden, it’s no big deal. This, from someone who supposedly reveres the original wording of the Constitution. But apparently, only the words he likes. When it comes to religion, Scalia loves the Free Exercise clause; his attitude toward the the Establishment Clause seems to be “What Establishment Clause?”  


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