President Obama, John McCain, and “Good Judgement”

My late father-in-law was not a man known for his sense of humor. In fact he had exactly one joke in his repertoire, and this was it:

A young man goes to his father and says “Dad, I’d like to have good judgement but I don’t know how to get it. How does one go about obtaining good judgement?” The father thinks for a while, and then says “Experience!” The son replies, “that sounds great Dad, but how does one go about getting experience?” The father shrugs and replies “Bad judgement”.

Now some of you may have heard about the recent dust-up involving Sarah Palin and her family. It seems they got themselves into something of a drunken brawl (really, is there ever any other kind?) in Alaska. When I read about this, I couldn’t help but think of Senator John McCain, who spends his Sunday mornings these days going on Network political talk shows to complain that President Obama is exhibiting “bad judgement” on all sorts of issues, most of them having to do with not being quick enough to bomb somebody or other. That’s right; the man who selected Sarah Palin to run for the esteemed office of Vice President of the United States has such an appalling lack of self-awareness that he is actually criticizing somebody’s else’s judgement. It is truly to laugh. I guess that’s why the good Senator is always being extolled for his supposed “experience”, especially when it comes to foreign policy matters. He has exhibited such poor judgement in the past (it’s a tie for worst choice between the Palin nomination and gung-ho support for W’s Iraq war) that he must have a monopoly on experience. What he doesn’t have though, is the right to criticize anyone else’s judgement.


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