I’m Talking Directly to You, John McCain

I’m Talking Directly to You, John McCain

It was reported recently that Senator John McCain said that President Obama is directly responsible for the Orlando nightclub massacre. Let’s start with the fact that it appears that Senator McCain does not know the meaning of the word “directly” in the same way that some people do not know the meaning of the word “literally”, as in “I literally laughed my head off”. So let me state unambiguously that the only person DIRECTLY responsible for that unspeakable crime was the shooter himself, Omar Mateen. But in stating this, I don’t want to understate how ridiculous it would be to declare the president even indirectly responsible for what happened in Orlando, especially for the reason cited by McCain, which is that the president didn’t keep U.S. troops in Iraq long enough. It was President Bush who negotiated the timetable for the U.S. troop withdrawal with the Iraqis; Obama merely abided by that agreement, which was right and proper. But if you want to hold somebody indirectly responsible for Orlando, how about McCain and his fellow Republicans who willingly and knowingly let the ban on assault rifles expire, allowing this highly unstable individual (and who knows how many more like him) to easily purchase a high-powered killing machine.
So what’s up with McCain? He was always known as a fairly reasonable guy, but he seems to have come off the rails of late. This includes his endorsement of Donald Trump for president, despite Trump having directly (yes, I’m utilizing proper usage here) denigrated McCain’s war service. I think we all remember this one: “Yeah, he’s a war hero because he got captured. I prefer people who didn’t get captured, ok?”. I saw video of McCain’s Trump endorsement statement, and I found it rather strange in that he barely mentioned Trump (or Hillary Clinton) at all. Instead he spent most of his time bitterly criticizing President Obama, and I believe that “bitter” is the operative word here. It looks for all the world that Senator McCain has just never gotten over losing the 2008 presidential election, as if he was somehow entitled to the presidency. Well, no one is entitled to the highest office in the land; you have to earn it, and McCain did himself no favor in that department by choosing one of the least qualified individuals in the history of American presidential politics as his running mate. The phenomenon that became and (sigh) still is Sarah Palin? Now that’s something for which John McCain is DIRECTLY responsible.


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