“What Do All These People Do?”

“What Do All These People Do?”

The New York Times published an editorial on March 4 (“The Very Lonely Cabinet Secretaries”) that concerned itself with President Trump’s failure to fully staff the Federal bureaucracy. In the editorial the Times quotes Trump as having asked, with regard to Federal workers “What do all these people do?” He really doesn’t know what they do. This is troubling, but also illuminating. When the president knows what an agency, such as the Department of Housing and Urban Development (to take one example) does, you get a Secretary to lead HUD who has the background and experience necessary to further the agency’s mission of creating strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable homes for all. On the other hand, with a president who doesn’t know what HUD does, you end up with Secretary Ben Carson. I can only hope that America’s experience with President Trump will serve to dampen our enthusiasm for electing to office people with no experience in, or knowledge of, the workings of government.


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