Will the Trump Chumps Ever Learn?

Will the Trump Chumps Ever Learn?

Can we get this straight once and for all? You cannot believe a word that Donald Trump says, especially if he’s telling you what you want to hear. Trump telling you what you’re pretty sure you wanted to hear should raise a red flag for anyone. This includes Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives; everyone. Donald Trump has fealty only to Donald Trump and his own overriding need for constant validation. If he tells you what you want to hear, understand that he did so only to get your praise and approval. As for the substance of what he tells you? Five minutes after your conversation he will have forgotten every word of it, but he will trot out your subsequent praise as proof of his greatness for as long as it serves his purposes.
The above came to mind when I saw an article this week by Charlie May of Salon.com called “President Cuck: Trump Supporters Are Freaking Out Over The President’s Tone Change on Islam”. Apparently, Trump’s alt-right base is unhappy that he seems to be trying to make nice with the rulers of Saudi Arabia (they’re Muslims, you know). This comes, of course, after news items last week that told us that some right-wing Israelis are upset that Trump seems to be backtracking on some promises that they feel pretty certain he made to them, such as moving the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and acceptance of a one-state (Israel) solution to the Palestinian problem (Trump brushed aside an effort by West Bank settlers to meet with him while in the Holy Land). And there’s lots more where that came from.
During the campaign, when Trump was routinely bashing people of Mexican descent (whether undocumented aliens or Federal Court judges) he held a meeting with his National Hispanic Advisory Council where he signaled that he would soften his approach on immigration. This resulted in much public praise from the attendees, many of whom were quite surprised when ten days later Trump gave a speech at a rally in which he unleashed his harshest diatribe against immigrants yet, promising to build a great wall along the entire southern border, force Mexico to pay for it, and to form a new ICE Special Deportation Task Force. One of the Hispanic Advisory Council members commented “The guy who appeared last night was not the guy I met on August 20”. Yes he was; you were just too naïve to know it.
But let us not think that it is only conservatives who get hoodwinked. Shortly after the election our old friend Al Gore, one of the world’s best-known voices on the issue of climate change, had a sit-down with Trump to discuss this pressing issue. Afterward, Gore issued this statement: “I had a lengthy and very productive meeting with the President-elect. It was a sincere search for areas of common ground”. A mere three days later, the Washington Post ran this headline: “President Trump Has Made Climate Change Skeptic Scott Pruitt the Head of the Environmental Protection Agency”. I hope Gore felt like a chump after this, because he sure looked like one; a Trump Chump, which I define as someone who believes a Trump promise, only to feel aggrieved a short time later when Trump gleefully breaks that promise in two.
Trump Chumps abound and Trump knows it. He evinced that knowledge when he bragged that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose any supporters. I’m sure that if he reconstituted Trump University there would be a line of suckers a mile long eager to hand over their life savings in return for nothing. I wish I could end this madness but I can’t; people have to think for themselves. But please, Trump Chumps, spare me your incredulity when you find out you’ve been had. Every sentient being in the world is now on notice that you cannot believe a word that comes out of that orange mouth. So if you fall for another con from this guy, please suffer in silence. I don’t want to hear about it.


2 thoughts on “Will the Trump Chumps Ever Learn?

  1. you were gentle in that there were oodles of other examples of him saying one thing and diametrically opposing it shortly thereafter. China is or isn’t a currency manipulator? NAFTA is or isn’t a disaster? Is he eliminating the Anti-drug office or not? Some of his solutions even involve endorsing proposals in the House that are sure to be DOA at the Senate – health care, budget and other trivial bills.

    but at the end of it all, the base remains rabidly positive and the number of people complaining is really not that much because even those complainants would suggest they are still behind him and that he’s better than the alternative.

    sorry to be so repetitive, but until and unless we can understand – truly understand – why there is so much negative sentiment toward liberals (beyond racism and misogyny and bible-thumping) we are doomed to repeat this ad infinitum. Trump never should have happened. It’s at least partly our fault that he did. We simply HAVE to learn from it, I haven’t figured it out but a BIG part is arrogance. We are smarter, why don’t we act like it so that we win? Trump is a symptom of a disconnect, and we are part of that disconnect. Yes, we are.

  2. and of course, the whole dickens is practically impossible if the right insists on getting their news exclusively from blogs, and Fox. Fox is the better of the two and that tells you what u need to know. ignorance triumphs.

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