What Can You Buy With $10B That You Can’t Buy With $5B?

What Can You Buy With $10B That You Can’t Buy With $5B?

It is clear at this point that either of the Republican tax bills being pushed in their respective houses of Congress will have the (intended) result of further enriching the already super-rich and hurting everyone else. No doubt for some Republicans, such as the Ayn Rand acolyte Paul Ryan, this is a philosophical matter. Ryan and his ilk believe that the Gilded Age in America in the late 1800s didn’t go far enough in exalting the obscenely wealthy and degrading everyone else. But to the rest of the Republicans (and the true believers are part of this too) the reason they are pushing this “tax reform” is simple: their ultra-rich mega-donors are demanding it. All polls show that the American people are firmly against what the G.O.P. is trying to do to the tax code, but the donors have made it clear to their Republican minions that the political donation money spigot will be turned off if a tax bill to their liking isn’t passed, and so the Republicans dutifully fall in line. But what of these mega-donors themselves? As a person who has been right around middle class all his life, it’s hard for me to see their motivation. Why would a person care about owning more cars than they can drive and more homes than they can live in? In other words, what can you buy with $10B that you can’t buy with $5B?
Not to belittle the motivation of pure avarice and money for money’s sake, but I think what these titans of industry really want is power. The Koch brothers and their fellow billionaire bastards (including the president, if he really is a billionaire) want to turn this country into an oligarchy where they and their progeny wield absolute power for decades and even centuries to come. None of this democracy crap where elected officials represent the will and needs of the people. Oh no, not for them. They paid for these Republican senators and congressmen and god dammit, and they’re going to reap the benefits of their largesse or there will be hell to pay, you better believe it.
So what, exactly, is it that you can buy with $10B that you can’t buy with $5B? It turns out that the answer to that question is: a country. And not just any old country, but that light unto nations, the United States of America, which now, evidently, is up for sale to the highest bidder. Thanks Citizens United!


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